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So, you are looking for custom products from our Couch Culture world?

Well you’ve come to the right place. We can make our products entirely to your liking. That means your own colors, prints, designs, icons, size ratio and more. Putting your logos all over? Done. A print with a drawing of your pet? Alright. Racist slurs? Hell no.

You tell us what you need, our designers make sure you get a beautiful design and we will get your order going.

Besides ordering immediately we offer a pre-order option. Here we create a digital mock-up of your products of choice that you can use to start selling. This way you know exactly how many pieces you need to order and - if you are re-selling to members or whatever - how much profit you'll get.

The minimum amount of fabric that should be used is 100 meters of fabric per design. These 100 meters can be divided into the following products: Pockies' boxer shorts, women's pyjama shorts, Pyjama pants, Djellaba's and sleeping masks. So 100 meters could be 100 Pockies’ boxer shorts, but you could also opt for 50 boxers, 20 Djellaba’s and 10 pairs of Pyjama pants. All products are made from 100% combed cotton and will look lovely.

Just leave your email address at and we'll send you the entire factsheet with prices straight away.

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